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         Dmitri Novgorodsky


"...Novgorodsky interpreted the work with passion, exquisite simplicity and dazzling technique..."

"...[He] played the work as though he had written every note himself, and his virtuosity was so great that beauty and clarity generated their own electricity. Those who attended the concert,

and there were several new faces in the audience, can congratulate themselves that they heard Chopin played as

it should be, and possibly never better..."

"...This artist has a

lavish technique and

plush tone, skirting any hint of pounding, and a sense of give and take..."

"...The cascades of

notes he released in

the first movement cadenza showered the landscape with

unforced brilliance..." "...The contours thus respected, the

movement proceeded with compelling inevitability to its

resolute conclusion.

The explosion of applause and cheers

left no doubt about the audience’s enthusiasm for an exciting venture..."

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